Tamara Duricka Johnson (Workshop)

Tamara Duricka Johnson, the author of award-winning memoir 31 Dates in 31 Days will present a workshop entitled DATE is not a four-letter word on Saturday morning.

Tamara Duricka Johnson, Author of “31 Dates in 31 Days”

Tamara currently works as a newscast producer at KTLA in Los Angeles. Prior to her current position, she worked on the writing staff of “Good Morning America” in NYC, produced newscasts in Oregon, Utah, and Virginia, and written articles for “The LA Times”, “Today.com” and “USA Today”. Tamara received her bachelor’s degree from Roanoke College and a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Sister Johnson lives in Los Angeles with her husband – whom she met along the dating adventure that inspired her book – and her two young daughters. More information about Tamara can be found at her website and blog here.