Saturday Morning Workshops

We have four different workshops for attendees to choose from on Saturday morning (9 am – 11 am). You will be able to attend two workshops, as they each last 1 hour. All workshops will be held at the Huntington Beach Stake Center (map). Prior to the workshops (8 am), a light continental breakfast will be provided. Following the workshops and keynote speaker, we will have a lunch provided by Chipotle.

Workshop 1 – “DATE is not a four-letter word”

The aim of this workshop is to help attendees increase their confidence in all aspects of dating. The workshop will be presented by Tamara Duricka Johnson, the author of award-winning memoir 31 Dates in 31 Days. More information about Sister Johnson can be found on her speakers page here. Location: Primary Room

Workshop 2 – “The Unexpected Life”

Having married for the first time at the age of 55, Sister Eyre knows exactly what it is like to live an “unexpected life”. This workshop is aimed at helping all those in attendance to find strength and understanding in our own personal circumstances. More details about Sister Eyre can be found on her speakers page here. Location: Chapel

Workshop 3 – “Drawing Virtue from the Atonement of Jesus Christ”

Based on the story of the woman who touched the hem, Brother King will help us to  discover how to draw power from Christ to heal the “issues” that plague our lives. More details about Brother King can be found on his speakers page here. Location: Relief Society Room

Workshop 4 – “True Confidence: Better career, better relationships, better life” & “Overcoming Fears and Limiting Beliefs: Break free from the things holding you back”

Henry Ammar will pull from his wealth of personal and professional experience to discuss real-world strategies that lead to an authentic life full of empowerment and success.  More details about Henry can be found on his speakers page here. Location: 3 in 1 Room (by kitchen)