Michael King (Workshop)

Brother Michael King has been teaching with the Church Educational System for 33 years.  He loves the Lord, the young adults he teaches, and the scriptures.  He received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from BYU, his master’s in Administration from Idaho State, and did doctoral work in Adult Education at the University of Idaho.  He has presented numerous times at BYU-Idaho Education Week, the Sperry Symposium at BYU Provo, and was a presenter for the Know Your Religion Series.  He has published scholarly papers through Brigham Young University on the book of Isaiah, the book of Alma, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  He is the author of the book, “The Unknown Disciple” which was on the Westbow Press for Christian Books bestseller list for 6 weeks.

Brother King

His greatest achievement, however, was to marry an angel named Michelle Jaworski.  She has been the song in his heart, the bounce in his step, the twinkle in his eye, and the smile on his face for more than 33 years.  They have four children, 3 boys and 1 girl, who now live all over the country.  Brother and Sister King also have 6 grandsons, one of which has already returned home to his Heavenly parents, and this year added their first granddaughter.